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Drinking Water Testing


Over 23 million people a year drink contaminated drinking water. Even though public supplies are regulated regarding quality, there have been many incidences of non-compliance, even falsification of records. Additionally, water flows through miles of pipe to arrive at your home, being exposed to who knows what.


Private water quality is not regulated in most states; the owner has the sole responsibility of having their well water tested. EPA and the American Groundwater Trust support annual water testing of private wells.


When buying a home, you may find that your lender requires testing of your water well as part of the transaction. FHA and VA both require testing for coliform bacteria, E. coli, nitrate/nitrite, lead and any other contaminants suggested in the locality of the well.


Conventional lenders may have their own individual requirements. Homes by Cynthia  offers a variety of testing packages to fit your needs, whether for a real estate transaction or your personal concern. We use only certified laboratories.


Drinking Water Information



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