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Calvert County Home Inspection

Calvert County MarylandDid you know that Calvert County is the home of the oldest jousting tournament? It is also the smallest county in Maryland!

Chances are, if you are looking for a new home in Calvert County, the history and small-town charm have already grabbed your attention. It is the perfect family-friendly area with close proximately to major cities such as Washington D.C. and Baltimore.

What you may not be as familiar with is the home inspection process. But what are the inspectors looking for, and what may be of concern to you when buying a home?

This guide will help shed some light on what home inspectors are looking for as you prepare for your first home inspection.


What Does an Inspection Company Look For in Calvert County?

A home inspection helps identify any issues that the home may have. But rest assured, the home inspectors are there to help you know what condition the house is in to make the best decision for you and your family.

What specific areas does a home inspector look at during an inspection? Let’s take a look at them. Home Inspections by Cynthia can help with home inspections and any other inspection needs, such as radon testing and well-water analysis.


Foundation issues are critical to catching before you purchase a new home since they can be incredibly costly in the future. A home inspector will be looking at the foundation’s type and any significant problems such as cracking, bowing, or alignment issues.

HVAC Systems

The HVAC systems include heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Home inspectors check to make sure all of these are working correctly. They also check to see how long it’s been since the previous owners replaced them.

Basement and Attic

Home inspectors will check for any water damage or cracks in the walls and floor of the basement. Since many homes in Calvert County have basements, it is vital to make sure they are structurally sound.

Professionals will check the attic for any water damage or leaks since this will also help identify any issues with the roof.


The home inspector will thoroughly examine the roof to identify any issues, as these could be incredibly costly and unsafe. A home inspection company will check the roof’s age and any damage, and make sure the vents and gutters are working correctly.

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are a huge safety issue if they are not working correctly. Inspectors will make a note if they are painted shut or weathered, or if there is any broken glass.

Walls, Ceilings, and Floors

Inspectors will look for any cracks or leaks, as these problems could be unsafe or turn into a huge cost later on. They will also check the floors to make sure there aren’t any foundation issues or moisture underneath.

Interior Plumbing and Electrical Systems

During the home inspection, the professionals will make sure all plumbing and electrical systems work correctly and safely. This can be hazardous if there are any electrical issues as it could cause a fire.


Inspectors will check for other safety issues, such as if there are smoke detectors. Safety is of the utmost importance when identifying any problems that may be wrong with the home.

Home Inspection in Calvert County

Home inspections are there to make you aware of any hazards or costly expenses. The inspection service moving process is in place to give you peace of mind before proceeding further with the home buying process.

Calvert County is a fantastic place to live and raise a family. Let Home Inspections by Cynthia help you on your journey!

Explore Calvert County Maryland

In 2014, the tax amount on tourism receipts in Calvert County, Maryland was $34.8 million. The reason for this high tourism is because of the county’s beautiful beaches and fun activities!

If you’re visiting the county for vacation or house hunting purposes, you’ll want to be sure to explore the area as well. It can be hard researching and picking the best places to visit or activities to do with so many options. But, if you keep reading we’ll help you find the best things to do during your visit or long-term stay!

Chesapeake Beach

The geography of Calvert County, Maryland enables it to be surrounded by water by both the Chesapeake Bay and Patuxent River. On one side, woodlands and cliffs are plentiful, while on the other side fields are dominant. The abundance of water also allows for accessible visits to a fishing pier or other places to view local animals.

Of all the towns, Chesapeake Beach is one of the best ones with a great bike path called the Chesapeake Beach Railway Trail. Other outdoor designations are the Bayfront Park or the Breezy Point Beach. For adventurers, Chesapeake Windsail Cruises or jetski rides could provide thrills along the bay!

If fishing charters or water paddling isn’t for you, try a family-friendly visit to the Chesapeake Beach Water Park! You can also visit the indoor Chesapeake Beach Railway Museum or the Bruce Snake Gabrielson’s Surf Art Gallery and Museum.


North Beach

North Beach is both a town and a beach that provides even more fun in Calvert County, Maryland!

Bayside History Museum is great for indoor and family fun with children’s programs and educational exhibits! Boat tours with Style Cruises also offer exploration of the county’s rich waterways. Theater fans, both young and older, will also love the Twin Beach Players’ productions throughout their season.

There are also a few antique shops for collectors such as Chesapeake Antiques or Nice and Fleazy Antiques. For adults, locals like to visit Bay Wine and Spirits for entertainment and good drinks!


Other Attractions and Activities

Whether you’re visiting the area or finalizing an inspection for your new home, there are so many more things to explore in Calvert County!

A scenic place to visit is the historic Cove Point Lighthouse where you can walk the area for the seaside views. For more education, go to the Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center or the Calvert Marine Museum.

To try new and affordable activities, check out the many birding trails or campgrounds like the Breezy Point Beach & Campground. Adults may also enjoy the Cove Point Winery or Mully’s Brewery for new drinks and fun!

Visit and Live in Calvert County, Maryland

With so many outdoor, ocean side, and educational activities, you’ll want to keep coming back to Calvert County, Maryland!

If you’re looking to make your short-term visit into a long-term stay, consider moving to the area to keep the fun going. To make your stay permanent, contact Home Inspections by Cynthia today for all your home inspection and testing needs!