HBC Home Inspection of Southern Maryland

Home Inspection

When you decide to use Home Inspections by Cynthia for your home inspection you’re choosing a company that focuses on making sure the client is, above all else, informed. Knowing about the basic status of a home is an important factor in deciding on a purchase or sale. It is essential to understand not only what may be considered a current issue about the house, but also be aware of things that may cause issues in the future along with items or systems that require general maintenance as a homeowner.

Home Inspections by Cynthia does inspections for all kinds of buyers to include VA, FHA, and conventional. We also offer pre-drywall inspections for new construction clients, pre-listing inspections for those looking to reduce the stress of selling, and general inspections for those who would like to maintain value for their lifetime investment in a home.

Before the Inspection

In order to provide a thorough home inspection, there are some things that must be checked prior to the inspector arriving at a home inspection. We will ask:

  • That all the utilities be turned on, so the home inspector can check all of the necessary systems, such as HVAC and water/plumbing.
  • If there is clear access to mechanical components such as electrical panel, HVAC system, gas distribution lines, and water shut off.
  • Whether the house is vacant or occupied.
  • The house address.
  • When you would like to schedule your inspection, which can take between 2-4 hours.

Though not necessary, clients are encouraged to attend the home inspection and ask questions during the inspection so that we may address any concerns.

Our prices are based off of the square footage of the house being inspected. Feel free to contact us for a quote.

What to Expect During the Home Inspection

Our home inspectors focus on informing clients about structural and mechanical status. Like all home inspectors, we are not focused on things “being up to code”. Our focus is on safety and functionality of the components of the home. We are an ASHII certified company and meet or exceed Maryland COMAR standards.

The home inspector will start by going inside and starting the dishwasher and washing machine,  if they convey. This will give time for the appliances to run complete cycles and reveal any issues they may have. Then, the inspector will walk around the outside of the house moving inside once that is complete starting at the top, working down. This includes going into attics and crawl spaces, as long as conditions are safe to do so.

After the Home Inspection

Once the inspector leaves, they will compile the pictures they took into a home inspection report. This report will have detailed information on everything the inspector noted at the inspection. Our inspectors will have this report made and sent out to you by the day after the inspection.

Please contact us for any further questions you may have. We look forward to serving you!