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Well Water Testing

Well water can be tested using a well test for almost any kind of particulate. Some of the more common tests that we are asked to perform are:

  • Bacteria (coliform and E.coli)
  • Chemical (which includes nitrates/nitrites)
  • Lead
  • Turbidity

Most lenders do not require any beyond these, however there are more tests that can be done if desired. If your property is in a certain area, we may recommend additional tests such as those that find arsenic and radium.

Well Test

Our well test professionals will take samples from different locations in the house for different tests. This is done to ensure accuracy in results, which typically take about 1 day to 1 week to complete dependent on tests. Most standard tests take less than 72 hours for completion.

About Wells and Well Tests

Well water comes from an underground aquifer accessed by drilling a hole in the ground, which is called a well. All wells in Maryland are required to be installed by a licensed professional and will have a well-completions report submitted to the county health department. This helps to maintain the safety and functionality of the well since the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) does not regulate private wells, nor does it provide recommended criteria or standards for individual wells.  The Maryland Department of Natural Resources offers information regarding the importance of doing a private well test and guidance on technologies that may be used to treat or remove contaminants.

Why Well Test

Private well owners are responsible for the safety and maintenance of their own wells. The Maryland Department of the Environment has several recommendations to keep your well healthy.

The health department recommends doing a well test of your private well once per year to make sure your well has potable water. Drinking water, also known as potable water, is water that is safe to drink or use for food preparation. The amount of drinking water required to maintain good health varies, and depends on physical activity level, age, health-related issues, and environmental conditions.

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