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St. Marys County Home Inspection

St. Marys County home inspectionBuying a home is a big investment. A home inspection helps to keep you informed about the state of your big investment

A home inspector will look at the state of the home and let you know about structure, HVAC, and electrical issues that may be present. Some home inspection companies, like Homes Inspections by Cynthia, offer additional services that check for wood destroying insects (termites), test the quality of the well, check for septic issues, and test for the presence of radon. Any of the items they check may reveal issues that can be quite pricy to repair, and so it is a good idea to know what kind of situation you are getting into.

Although most Americans agree that a home inspection is essential prior to purchasing a home, an increasing number of people are forgoing the process in the hopes of having a contract accepted. Often times, this resulted in catastrophic circumstances and lost capital on surprise repairs.

Here are some tips on what to expect and know about purchasing a house with a home inspection in St. Mary’s County.

Home Inspection Basics

Home inspectors are unbiased professionals who conduct a visual examination of everything readily accessible and visible in a home. The price of home inspections is generally dependent on the size of the property and take a few hours for the inspector to complete.External concerns the inspector will look at can include, among other things, the foundation, siding, roof, foliage, outside HVAC units, and water flow. Looking at these things can help identify issues like possible moisture intrusion and structural damage.

Once inside, the inspector checks the functionality of electrical(outlets, electrical panel, fixtures), plumbing (drains, supplies, flow), heat/air, and internal structures (attic/crawl spaces.)

Some of the more expensive appliances are also looked at, such as range, dishwasher, and washing machine.

Inspection Reports

The findings of the home inspection company will be compiled into a report. They will include pictures and a description of any issues, along with a suggestion of what may need to be done. It may suggest to keep an eye on something that is not yet an issue, or let you know that a certified professional in the field of the particular issue should take a deeper look at it.

Some issues could be minor, such as missing cover plates on outlets. Others may be major issues, like a foundation crack, may require thousands of dollars to repair.

Scheduling a St. Mary’s County Home Inspection

When scheduling your home inspection, you should let the inspector know if the power is on, if the water is on, if the house is occupied and, of course, the property address.

Find a Home Inspection Company

Now that you have an idea of why this process is so important, you can find a home inspection company that you can trust. You will have the peace of mind that you are getting what you pay for in the property and that your new home is safe to live in.

Home Inspections by Cynthia is a licensed and certified company operating in Saint Mary’s County with decades of home inspection experience. They also provide niche inspection services, including termite, well water assessments and radon.  Reach out to us today to line up your home inspection.

Enjoy Adventures in Saint Mary’s County Maryland

As the country comes out of the 15+ month long COVID-19 pandemic, people are itching to leave their fast-paced lives in crowded cities in favor of living in small, quiet towns. One coastal area, Saint Marys’s County, Maryland, is seeing an influx of new residents.

Sale prices are going up and inventory is going down in the county’s housing market. You want to buy now before all available real estate is bought up.

Whether you’re starting your next chapter or simply visiting, you can enjoy everything the beautiful coasts of Saint Mary’s have to offer. From fishing to motocross and more, there’s much to discover in this idyllic area. In this article, we dive into all the adventures awaiting you in Saint Mary’s County.

Saint Mary’s County Best Kept Secrets

There are many activities you can do in this coastal town on top of fishing and motocross. For places to visit, here are some suggestions:

Arts and Entertainment District

Located within Saint Mary’s County, historic Leonardtown is home to the only arts and entertainment district in all of southern Maryland. You can take art classes, explore art galleries, attend concerts, theater, and more when you visit the arts and entertainment district.

“Pathway Through History” Markers

You can take in the great Maryland weather while you learn some history when you walk through the “Pathway through History” markers. These wayside interpretive signs mark milestones and challenges experienced by the African American community in Saint Mary’s County from the end of the Civil War up to World War II.

Local Farmers Market

Fresh produce is always available in Saint Mary’s County. Several farmer’s markets occur regularly in the area, including the North Saint Mary’s County Farmers Market, the Loveville Produce Auction, the Home Grown Farm Market, and the California Farmers Market. You can buy goods from the local Amish community when you go to the farmers market in North Saint Mary’s County.

Before You Move Into Your New Place

These are just a fraction of the adventures waiting for you in this wonderful area. If you’re interested in buying real estate in Saint Mary’s County, listen up. Before you make the move to your new place, make sure to schedule a home inspection.

Need a home inspector? Cynthia has 15+ years of experience working in the field. She’s completed home inspections in over 6,000 houses throughout southern Maryland.

If you aren’t moving to a new place in Saint Mary’s anytime soon, but live in southern Maryland, you can still take advantage of Cynthia’s services. Her service areas include Calvert County, Charles County, and Saint Mary’s County.

Find Your Next Adventure in Saint Mary’s

Everyone can find something to enjoy in Saint Mary’s County. Whether you’re planning to move here or simply visit, we hope to see you soon! And remember, when you need a home inspection, contact us — we’re here to help.